NFT, Metaverse, Puzzle?

Discover rare pieces of the Changing World with NFTPuzzle on the BEP20 network.


  • Trade

    With the lowest transaction fees in the industry and user interface, NFTPuzzle allows anyone to buy and sell.

  • Create

    Using NFTPuzzle, anyone can easily create a fully decentralized NFT or NFT collection! Start creating your own collections today.

  • Swap

    Swap NFTs in a decentralized and secure environment, with an escrow mechanism facilitating swaps between users.




Regular collections

NFTPuzzle makes your Collections always valuable.

How about owning part or all of a great work? NFTPuzzle brings the classic puzzle structure to the blockchain network. You can catch the advantages by having Puzzle collections that will be published regularly every month. Remember that a puzzle that is missing a single piece always needs the last piece, and this last piece is always the most valuable.


Token Distribution

Billions of tokens will be burned and removed forever from the circulating supply when a burn is scheduled. This will create a real supply restriction that will make NFTPuzzle Hyper-Deflationary.

Slippage beetwen 8% 12%

The total supply of NFTPuzzle tokens is 1000000000000 units.

2% redistribution, 1% Burn, 3% Marketing and 4% Development in each transaction.

12% on buy or 12% on sell transactions is taken and redistributed to all NFTPuzzle holders in $NFTPuzzle.


What is PuzzleSwap?

PuzzleSwap is an exchange platform where you can buy and sell all BEP20 tokens easily and quickly.


PuzzleSwap was developed in PancakeSwap standard. Designed with maximum security and high performance in mind.


PuzzleSwap does not ask for personal information during the swap process and allows you to make your transactions anonymously.


PuzzleSwap allows you to do your transactions quickly and without wasting time, thanks to its high-performance servers and development codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFTPuzzle Token ?

NFT Puzzle runs on the BEP20 network. It offers its users a marketplace and swap project. It aims to provide passive income to holders with NFT collections to be created. It also gives you 2% NFTPuzzle per transaction.

  • Why blockchain?

    Decentralized exchange protocol based on Binance. The Binance smart chain does not need any external dependencies to work. That's why we are happy to be a part of the decentralized system.

  • Don't be scammed by clone projects

    Always use ONLY our official Telegram channel. Our team will NEVER DM you to ask about anything. Be EXTREMELY suspicious about anyone DM-ing you with an offer to help, airdrop or generally asking you personal information such as your wallet seed phrase. NEVER give out such information, block and report those persons immediately.

  • What makes NFTPuzzle different from other tokens?

    We consider our strengths to be our transparency, strong work ethic and commitment to pushing our limits as often and as hard as possible. And of course, as an NFTPuzzle owner, we basically give you gifts to hold the token

  • What is your slippage rate and commission?

    8% between 12%


Our roadmap will be updated every three months

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